Things to Do

Things to Do

Christys Palace Hotel is convenient to many top attractions in Pedoulas.

Public bus available 3 times everyday to Nicosia capital and from there you can take bus to any city of Cyprus including Larnaca or Paphos international airports.   Taxis  are also available. The hotel offers a public 250 sq. meters balcony covered with wine trees on site where one can relax, read, or listen to radio/TV.

Town Attractions
Pedoulas Archangel Michael UNESCO Church

UNESCO Ancient Church of Archangel Michael

Archangels Michael Church is a tiny yet beautiful church featuring many beautiful and intricate paintings in a mural/fresco style. It is one of the 10 painted churches to be part of the UNESCO World Heritage in the Trudoös region. All of them provide an overview of Byzantine and post-Byzantine painting in Cyprus.
The remarkably preserved religious art in the Archangel Michael Church in Pedoulas makes it one of the most interesting of them all.
Although it may take a little searching to find, it is worth the challenge! Look for a small building resembling a house with a long, hanging roof on one side!

Pedoulas Archangel Michael UNESCO Church Pedoulas Archangel Michael UNESCO Church Pedoulas Archangel Michael UNESCO Church
Big Church of Holy Cross - Pedoulas - Cyprus

Big Church of Holy Cross

With amazing architecture and a stunning ceiling fresco, the beauty and serenity of this large and impressive church has been pleasing visitors for decades. Built on a plateau, the impressive church dominates the village with its high proportions and two belfries. It belongs to the cross-shaped type of church with a dome. Its construction began in 1933 and was completed in 1935. Attributed to the miraculous power of the Holy Cross is the banishment of epidemics, the plague primary among them.

Pedoulas Folkloric Museum

Folkloric Museum

With a strong focus on the history of Pedoulas and the surrounding area, and giving a glimpse into the lives of past inhabitants, the Folkloric Museum is both educational and entertaining.
A small window on what life in Pedoulas was in days gone by, the museum has some excellent examples of how village life was and is split basically into the home, some trades of the village, the bakery, the school and other older things from the village.
It is reviewed as being well laid out with staff that are very helpful explaining things further. If you are in Pedoulas, then take a trip to the museum - it's near the church.

Pedoulas Folkloric Museum Pedoulas Folkloric Museum Pedoulas Archangel Michael UNESCO Church
Byzantine Museum

Byzantine Museum

A collection of religious paintings and antiquities with a very interesting past is collected in this museum.


Area Attractions

Famous monastery of Kykko of Virgin Mary - 22 klm
Kykkos Monastery (Panagia tou Kykkou) dates back to the 12th century, and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. An on-site museum offers more details about the importance of this location. Ornate and opulent details will thrill the religious and non-religious alike.

Also nearby:

  • Monastery of Trooditissa - 6 km
  • Skiing - 15 km
  • Number of local wineries - 10-15 km
  • Nice walking trails - 75 min walk, 7 hrs walk through forest
  • Cycling trails or main roads